Pool Maintenance is Pride in Ownership

Poolosophy Construction can provide all of your residential and commercial pool, spa, and fountain repair, lighting, automation tile, renovation, and service needs. Our team of highly trained technicians make thousands of poolside visits each year. We are a safe, reliable, professional, trustworthy, and easy choice for all your pool repair and service requirements.

If it has to do with your pool, we can repair it. From fixing automatic chlorinators, pool controllers and freeze guards to troubleshooting a poor water quality issue, our team has the knowledge and experience to assist you. Whether you have a minor problem that requires skimmer repair or valve replacements or a major problem such as leaks or a faulty pump, we are here to help.

• Pool Pump & Motor Repair

• Pool Heater Repair

• Pool Leak Repair

• Pool Tile Repair & Cleaning

• Pool Lighting Repair 

• Pool Automation

• General Pool Services

Pool Pump & Motor Repair

Pool pumps and motors are intricate systems that sometimes break down. If the pump or motor are louder than usual or making a strange noise, it is likely that it needs service. Our technicians have the expertise to find the mechanical issues with pumps and motors and fix or replace them quickly. Let us get to the bottom of the problem.

Pool Heater Repair

Pool heaters need to be maintained to stay in good condition. If your pool heater won’t turn on or doesn’t seem to be heating the water, our technicians can help. We are familiar with all makes and models of pool heaters and will provide you with a solution to the problem. Let us get your pool water back up to the temperature you like it.

Pool Leak Repair

Don’t let a leaky pool send your water bill soaring. If you suspect that your pool has a leak, contact us right away. The best time to repair a leak is before it gets worse. Water can be a destructive force and we will make saving your pool our top priority.

Pool Tile Repair & Cleaning

We are dedicated to making your pool tile and pebble surfaces look their best. Our equipment is designed to clean calcium build-up safely and effectively. We can make your pool tiles look new again. Have a tile that needs repair. We can work to bring it back to it’s original beauty. If your tile or pool surface is starting to look outdated we can replace and customize the look and feel of your pool with quality modern tiles and coping.

Pool Lighting Repair & Upgrades

If your pool lights go on the blink, you need the pool repair experts at Poolosophy Construction. We have the proper licensing and expertise to be able to troubleshoot your lights and recommend the best course of action. We can replace a burnt bulb, a faulty light fixture, upgrade to LED bulbs and fixtures or Fiber Optics as well provide electrical troubleshooting.

Pool Automation

Your pool is the “entertainment center” of your backyard. It is estimated that 80% of new pools are controlled by an automation system. If you have not yet done so, consider using a pool automation system to take your backyard oasis to the next level. If your pool automation system is old or outdated, we have some excellent options to offer. We are experts at installing and programming automation. 

General Pool Services

We provide pool maintenance services to residential and commercial properties with pools, fountains and water features. Keep your pool clean, efficient and safe with routine pool maintenance service. Ensuring a clean environment is our goal. Our pool technicians are also trained to take on any needed repairs and renovations that may come up.