Renovate & Remodel

Make it Like New Again!

Do you need re-plastering, remodeling, or some other pool renovations?

We offer expert repair, replacement or installation of all types including plaster, tile, coping, pebble surfaces, decking, pavers and drains. If you’re ready to show your pool some love, or if it’s time for a major backyard upgrade, give us a call! We will carefully analyze your current pool, walk you through the various options available to achieve your desired results, guide you in choosing the best solutions, and prepare a detailed cost estimate for the pool renovation you’ve selected.

We have renovated and remodeled numerous pools in Southwest Florida and we have the skills and experience needed to complete any job, no matter what your pool improvement needs may be. We’ve done everything from straightforward re-plastering jobs to extensive pool expansions. 

• Pool Replastering

• Pebble Surfacing

• Tile Repair & Replacement

• Coping Repair & Replacement

• Decking & Pavers

• Deck Drain Repair

Pool Replastering

Plaster is still the most common interior pool surface. People is the least expensive of the three pool surfaces but its porous surface is the most susceptible to staining, bacteria growth and breakdown by the chemicals you add. Because plaster constantly reacts to water and chemicals, plaster pools “use” more chemicals to maintain a balanced water chemistry. And plaster doesn’t typically last as long as the other surfaces. You can expect a new plaster surface to give you 7 to 10 years of good service with proper care.

Pebble Surfacing

A “pebble” interior pool surface is the most stain-resistant and most durable surface available. We offer a variety of different color combinations. But it’s a rough surface. While pebble surfaces are more expensive than traditional plaster, you can expect a new pebble surface to give you 12 to 20 years of good service with proper care.

Tile Repair & Replacement

We offer a wide selection of glass, ceramic and stone tiles in a variety of color to choose from. Whether you have damage tile or it’s just time to update your tile and give your pool a more contemporary look, we can help provide new tiles that will rejuvenate your pool asthetics.

Coping Repair & Replacement

Pool coping is highly susceptable to damage and calcium build-up. If it’s time to replace your coping, Poolosophy Construction offers a variety of coping style and material options that will work with your decking and tile. 

Decking & Pavers

We work with the highest quality materials to provide decking and pavers for your outdoor environment. Whether your looking to overhaul your backyard, repair existing decking and pavers, or create something new, we have tons of options to suit your landscaping needs. Need your driveway paved? We do that too!

Deck Drain Repair & Installation

Pool deck drains often get clogged or breakdown due to sitting in the hot Florida sun all day. We can repair, rebuild or install a deck drain to meet your requirements.